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Hamler, Ohio 43524



Member of the ELCA


This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24 Our History

In the mid to late 1870’s a small group of families began meeting in homes and in the Rohrs School House for worship services.  On April 26, 1897 “Hoffnung” or Hope Church was formed.  Rev. George Hueter, a Circuit Rider, served as Pastor.  Worship services were held twice a month in the summer and once a month in the winter.   Through the early years, Hope and St Stephen Lutheran Church in Hamler shared pastors.  Services and confirmation classes were in the German language.


In 1883 the first church was built.  In 1898 a school house was built and in 1901 a new church was built on the present site at a cost of approximately $6,000.  Services were conducted in English and German for many years at Hope.   Catechism was offered in both languages- German at Hope and English at St. Stephen’s.  In 1937 Hope and St. Stephen Lutheran Church each called their own Pastor.   During this time Catechism classes were taught in English.  The church (including addition of a basement) and parsonage were remodeled.  Hope’s constitution was revised and translated from German to English.


In October 1969 Hope voted to build an Education Building to provide more space for Sunday School.  The building was dedicated to the memory of Pastor Boomgarden on April 25, 1971, our 92nd anniversary.  Women were given voting privileges at Hope.


In 1977 a new parsonage was built next to the Education Building.  In 1979 Hope celebrated its 100th anniversary.


Pastors that have served our congregation include:  George Hueter, J.J. Roesch, Jacob Appel, G.J. Ide, A.G. Wacke, A.J. Boomgarden, S James Petty, James L. Merkel, Norman Norden, Steve Knape, and Lindsay Shaner.   Vicars that served Hope:  Dan Beaudoin, Tom Kesselring, Meg Boger Knape and Tara Forshey, and Keith Hunsinger.